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Nightmare Sparklepants by Pegaraffeasaurus Nightmare Sparklepants :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 3 0 Voices by Pegaraffeasaurus Voices :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 6 0 digital painting practice by Pegaraffeasaurus digital painting practice :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 3 0 spooky scary wip by Pegaraffeasaurus spooky scary wip :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 3 0 Sketchypants by Pegaraffeasaurus Sketchypants :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 6 2 copics practice by Pegaraffeasaurus copics practice :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 6 2 fem!Victuuri by Pegaraffeasaurus fem!Victuuri :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 4 2 New manestyle by Pegaraffeasaurus New manestyle :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 4 0 Color Blotch Sketchies by Pegaraffeasaurus Color Blotch Sketchies :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 5 3 Birdmom palette sketchy thingy by Pegaraffeasaurus Birdmom palette sketchy thingy :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 5 4 o sht i think i left the oven on by Pegaraffeasaurus o sht i think i left the oven on :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 1 6
A Fire in the Kiln - Chapter 6
    It was Color Flourish’s fifth day of being confined in the mysterious prison, whatever it really was. She had asked at least two or three times where she was being held after she found herself on friendly terms with her cell holders, but the only response she would get back was that it was “confidential”.
    She had been willing to participate in the research they were conducting at first, but the increasing secrecy and apparent failures of the tests they performed on her were making her begin to lose hope.
    Today, however, was a special day, because she would finally get to see Color Blotch for the first time in nearly a week. She paced back and forth anxiously in her cell, trying to think of how to greet him after the traumatizing incident he had to endure the last time they were together.
    Suddenly a short chirping alarm sounded from the hallway, signifying that she had a vis
:iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 2 0
A Fire in the Kiln - Chapter 5
    Color Flourish peered drowsily through heavy eyelids, an unfamiliar hard surface pressing against her cheek. A sleep-induced glaze still clouding her vision, all she could do was listen. She heard a voice coming from above.
    “...Prisoner number five hundred thirty-two, cell number five. Full name: Color Flourish. Unicorn, female, forty-three years of age. Special talent involved in painting and illustration. Owns a studio in Ponyville. No known spouse or romantic partner. Has a son named Color Blotch, thirteen years of age.”
    Prisoner? Why was she a prisoner? How did they know so much about her? What kind of place was this, anyway? Color Flourish opened her eyelids further and stared at the ground until her vision regained focus. Weakly, she stood up and observed her surroundings.
    She appeared to be confined within a spacious and empty cube-shaped room, one of its polished white wa
:iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 1 0
A Fire in the Kiln - Chapter 4
~ x ~
    The feeling Color Flourish was experiencing now was like no other feeling she had felt in her life. Nothing else in the world mattered at this moment. Nothing else but him. After eleven long months of waiting, she was now cradling her newborn son in her hooves. He was no doubt the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.
    The little blue colt slowly opened his eyes and took his first ever glance at his mother’s face. She was numb to the tears streaming down her cheeks, smiling in the most joyous, sincere grin she had ever smiled in. He tried to imitate her smile, squinting his eyes and cooing as he did so. Color Flourish laughed softly and touched her muzzle to his forehead.
    She examined every inch of his beauty, her eyes resting on the curious birthmark which looked as though a blotch of purple paint had splashed onto his chest. He was a brightly colored blotch on the canvas of her life. A blotch tha
:iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 2 0
fnaf kids sketch by Pegaraffeasaurus fnaf kids sketch :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 2 2 Aye by Pegaraffeasaurus Aye :iconpegaraffeasaurus:Pegaraffeasaurus 8 7

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United States
Hey 'sup!

I draw ponies and things.
I don't tend to be super active during any time of the year except summer because of school, but I will post whatever sketchy art goop comes to mind when I can.
If you find yourself liking my sketchy art goop, by all means please tell me about it; I love finding new art pals!

Thanks for visiting my page! Means a lot yo!

(please forgive my page/bio for the lazy presentation)


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